About Fani Traikou

20150509_130058 (4)Fani Traikou is the founder and director of “Harmonia Coaching” company. She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and nowadays she is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She has a Bachelor in Psychology and also a Master of Science in Health and Social Psychology. At the moment she is following a second master in Special Education since her goal is to become an Educational Psychologist. She is an official member of the Association of Greek Psychologists.

Fani learned about the benefits of meditation during her Bachelor studies as she was following some Psychological seminars back then. However, it was during her Master studies in Health and Social Psychology that she heard the term “Mindfulness” for the first time. Soon she became interested to learn more about Mindfulness techniques, Meditation and Positive Psychology Science. Before even she finishes with her Master program she had finished an 8-week-training program in Mindfulness Awareness (Mindfulness Extended) given by Mr. Hugo Alberts, Mindfulness trainer and coach. After two more seminars she followed in the fields of Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Psychology she decided that she believes so much in power of Meditation and empowerment of positive thoughts and emotions that she aimed to be a Mindfulness and Meditation coach. That’s why she got a professional qualification to use Mindfulness as a therapeutic method, by Irish Mindfulness Academy.

Fani is not only interested and occupied with Mindfulness techniques and Meditation. She always had feelings of love and respect about Psychotherapy and she continues having these feelings.  In the past she earned some education regarding Systemic Therapy and also Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Nowadays, Fani is about to finish an educational program in Narrative Therapy and Community Practice in Institute for Narrative Therapy and Community Practice. By the end of this education she is going to be a certified Narrative Psychotherapist accredited by Dulwich Centre of Australia.

Fani started providing face to face sessions in 2015 especially to expats in Rotterdam and later to others who were interested for her services through computer communication (Skype sessions).  Sessions are provided in English and Greek but Fani hopes that soon she will be able to provide Mindfulness Coaching sessions in Dutch, too.

Short Bio

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Master of Science in Health and Social Psychology
Master of Arts in Special Education (in works)

2 year certificate for Acting (theatrical) lessons
1 year certificate in Systemic Psychotherapy

Training Certificate “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Theory & Practice”

Certificate “Mindful Awareness Training”
Certificate “Use of Mindfulness as a therapeutic method”

Graduate Certificate in Narrative Therapy and Community Work (in works)


Official Member of the Association of Greek Psychologists

Official Member at STIBAG (Association of Alternative Doctors & therapists in The Netherlands)

Research Associate in Psychologynow.gr