What we provide you?

We provide you 3 options to choose from (or we could decide together what option would be better for you):

1. We provide you 1 1/2 hour Mindfulness coaching sessions. Theory, practice and exercises to work at home. Moreover, during our sessions Mindfulness techniques are often combined with psychotherapeutic techniques/exercises.

2. We provide you 1 hour Mindfulness coaching sessions. Theory, practice and exercises to work at home.

3. We provide you 1 hour Psychotherapy sessions. Psychotherapeutic techniques/exercises are applied during the sessions.

Why Psychotherapy?

All of us experience difficult and quite stressful situations for various reasons. During our lives we may live some periods that we feel numb, less effective, more pessimistic and highly more anxious. It happens, it’s normal, there are a lot of things that we can do to deal with these emotions.

Psychotherapeutic techniques have proved to be really effective for people that experience stress or panic attacks in their every-day lives. Additionally, people that experience melancholia or even depression could see in a short-time period how Psychotherapy could effectively help them monitoring and be conscious about their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

After understanding the process of the function of your thoughts and behaviors, we could start searching together for alternative attitudes, beliefs and actions in your everyday life. Then day by day you will see yourself changing the ones you consider as non functional or negative for your well-being or your self-development.

You think that all the above could be difficult or even impossible? Well, I encourage you to give a try. In a few sessions you may notice that small miracles could happen every-day!

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a therapeutic method that empowers us physically and psychologically. During the periods that we feel exhausted and sad both our bodies and our emotions collapse. We need a method that takes care of both of them. Mindfulness does it!

Mindfulness is based on Meditation and Buddhist philosophy. During the last decades Mindfulness methods – as a basic and important part of the Positive Psychology domain – have got a lot of “followers” around the world. Day by day people of west societies have become and continue becoming more familiar with Mindfulness techniques, Positive Psychology exercises and power of Meditation. Dozens of scientific researches have proven how Mindfulness and Meditation are positively effective to our brains and our bodies.

Through Mindfulness method and various kinds of Meditation thoughts can change a path, emotions can be more positive, mood can be developed, life can be different. Maybe not in one or two days but soon. The only thing we have to do is to work with ourselves.

If you experience emotions of strong anxiety, disappointment, fear or panic you should know that there are a lot of effective ways to manage these negative emotions. One of the most effective ones is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a good path to take if you want to start dealing with your negative feelings and thoughts. It’s a way to know yourself better, to learn your strength and your limits, to understand your talents and your weaknesses. To be taught to remain focused on present situations and live life for real. To be kind, generous and thankful and some many other things!
Are you ready to start a new trip with yourself?


Sessions are provided through Skype or face to face.
First session is totally free! If you choose to continue your coaching process with us, you start paying by the second session.